About Us

 Our company Hollywood Mobile Systems was started in 1969 in North Hollywood, California by the Albain and Nary families. At the time our father Richard F. Albain was working in Hollywood as the special effects coordinator on the "Dream of Jeannie" show. His boss, writer/executive producer of the show was Sidney Sheldon. Mr. Sheldon was looking to get away from doing another television show and approached our father with an idea of mobile motion picture trucks
as a possible business venture. These trucks would be equipped with lighting and grip for any out of town location shoot. Our family would build the trucks and we would also be the drivers.

And so it began, we became Hollywood Mobile Systems. This was quite different from the special effects that Richard F, Richard D. Albain and Ronald Nary were doing. We were successful and wanted to do the very best with this new business because Sidney was our friend and had a lot of faith in us. After a few long years on the road that kept us away from our families we all decided we missed home and wanted to stay put with our own special effects business. Sidney agreed to sell the lighting and grip equipment to us on an easy payment plan, $10,000 for 10 years, no interest!

Now what to do with all of this equipment…..why not build sound stages? We found a large piece of property on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Van Nuys. There were existing tenants on this land and they could help with the monthly payment while we started this new business. We forged ahead and built our first stage in 1979, built our second stage in 1985 to form Hayvenhurst Studios. Our studio remains fully operational and also houses our thriving special effects and breakaway manufacturing business.


Our family is truly blessed to have been able to make a good living from motion picture work.
Three generations now and still going strong!!